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Browse through the entire gallery of materials available: crushed rock, driveway gravel, concrete sand and more.  Please call us for the latest gravel pricing and sand delivery costs for Nampa/Caldwell ID. Sorry, we DO NOT carry decorative Landscape Rock at this time.

c33 sand pricing washed

Manufactured sand is ideal to make concrete, HMA (hot mix asphalt), pipe sand for utility, or base sand for pavers. Great pricing available.

reject fill sand costs

Dug sand is unwashed, contains some clay, small rock mixed in. Reject sand is cost effective fill for covering pipes and electric cables.

3/4 inch chip prices

This is good stone for driveway base. It has crushed limestone from 3/4" down to dust. This powder helps hold the stones together.

horse arena sand pricing

Our unique blend is not too soft to hurt the horses, as it contains angular grains of sand helping to prevent compaction and limit dust.

fill dirt costs

Local topsoil from natural river deposits of silt, volcanic ash, and decomposed plants. Well-suited for grass, vegetables, and fruit.

2 inch drainage gravel prices

Used primarily for drainfields, septic systems with peforated drain pipes. This large 2" gravel can also be used for landscaping.

pit run gravel costs

Natural sand, dirt and gravel mix (up to 12" size). Inexpensive prices, general fill due to poor distribution and varied grain sizes reducing compaction and density. Ideal low bearing structural fill.

road mix gravel pricing

Chip stone, sand, and binder designed to be compacted for roadbase, trench backfill or commercial use such as foundations, parking lots or driveways.

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Our construction aggregates are used in a number of ways- critical for building Idaho cities, towns and transportation corridors, including water canals, septic systems, concrete mixes, runways and more.