3/4 inch chip Gravel

crushed gravel for sale

This is good gravel for driveway base. It has crushed limestone from 3/4" down to dust. This powder helps hold the rock material together.

Concrete – commonly known as 'chip stone', it can be mixed with cement to make heavy-duty concrete.
Backfill – 3/4" chip gravel is often used to create backfill and base for retaining wall drainage. 
Walkways – crushed gravel is perfect for building paths, trails and walkways because of the small size and heavy weight.
Base Material – used as a gravel in driveway applications, it can be excellent as a base for roads and streets.

All of our gravel materials are available at competitive pricing and can be picked up or truck delivered in the greater Nampa - Caldwell area.

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crushed gravel delivery
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Cope Sand Gravel Nampa company review

One of the best places for crushed stone and fill sand.  Paul even made a Saturday delivery for us. I always call them first.

Mike C. / Homedale Idaho

Gravel supplier nampa Reviews

Easy to work with. Laid back, nice people.

Keith Wheeler / Nampa Idaho

sand supplier nampa reviews

Great guys to work with!

Joshua Kimseu / Caldwell Idaho

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